30 DIY Easy to Make Craft Ideas With Toilet Paper Rolls 19
30 DIY Easy to Make Craft Ideas With Toilet Paper Rolls 19
DIY Easy to Make Craft Ideas With Toilet Paper Rolls

Using Craft Paper Rolls For Craft Ideas

Craft Ideas With Toilet Paper Rolls is a series of fun and simple crafts. It includes paper rolls, a craft knife, paper glue, and craft paint. These supplies are all inexpensive and easy to find. They will make fantastic Christmas or birthday gifts as well.

To get started, you will need an assortment of colors of paper rolls. You can buy these at craft supply stores and even supermarkets. You will also need a craft knife to help you cut the paper into different shapes. The paper rolls that you get should be at least double-sided. That way when you glue them together they will have the double side facing out when you are finished. You also want to have some white craft paint on hand.

Next you will want to cut small pieces of plastic wrap from your kitchen or office supplies. These pieces can be any size. Now lay each piece of plastic wrap on top of one of the pieces of roll that you cut earlier. Once you have done that you will want to start gluing the plastic together.

After you have glued the pieces of plastic together, you will want to roll up the edges. This will make a small circle. Now take some more of the same roll of paper rolls and roll it up even more. Make sure you take all of the paper rolls that you used. Now all you have left is one sheet of rolls. Wrap this around the entire pot in half inch increments.

Next you will want to start gluing the paper onto the pot. Start by positioning them so that they are all lined up. Glue each piece of paper onto the bottom sheet and then the top sheet. Make sure that you leave about three inches between each piece of paper. This will ensure that your finished product is a smooth consistency.

Making craft ideas can be as simple as making a scrapbook or as involved as creating an intricate and detailed cross stitch pattern. There are many other projects that you could do with these types of paper rolls such as a record cover or even a collage of pictures. Whatever you decide to do with them, it is sure to be fun for the whole family. As long as you keep them clean you will not have any problems with them. If you are looking for craft ideas you might want to consider the ideas mentioned above.

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