Image Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Living Room ViralDecoration

Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Living Room

viraldecoration Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Living Room
Viraldecoration Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Living Room

What Type of Tile Best Fitted Your Living room?

Choosing tile as the floor of the living room is a good option for its characteristics; tough, classy, and easy to maintain. There are various types of tile available today that you can choose to be put in your living room. Before you decide which type you would like to set in your room, you’d better recognize the characteristics of each material. The information below might give you some insight.

Types of tile

  1. Ceramic wood

If you like the look of hardwood floor but you don’t want to bother about its being scratchy, your choice should go for ceramic floor. You’ll get nice wooden look for a long time with minimum maintenance effort.

  1. Porcelain

Porcelain is much more ceramic but it’s denser and less porous comparing to ceramic. It could be a great option, especially if you have kids around the house because it can stand a little more action and its stain proof. Besides, porcelain tiles usually come in more various colors and patterns than ceramics, so you will have more choices.

  1. Mosaic tile

It may be a little bit awkward when you put mosaic tile for the living room. However, if you pay attention closely, mosaic tile will give you a different nuance. It may emerge the texture, color and even art into your room. It will give you a simple impression yet un-flat since you bring along the color and design into the room.

  1. Marble

When you want to bring out the classy look, marble is the best choice ever. In addition, marble is a durable material, and it can withstand uncounted traffic on it. Another good thing is that marble always come in various color to choose. However, when there are kids or elderly people around the house, marble could be not a good choice since it’s very slippery due to its smoothness. However, if you still want to install marble in your room, you can put rug on it to reduce the risk of slippery.

  1. Terracotta

For rustic style, terracotta is just the choice you need to make. This type will give you the look of fired clay color which gives the look of burnt orange and red hues. It’s quite affordable material and long-lasting, however, it is absorbent and need extra effort for the maintenance.

There are many types of tile that you can select to be installed as the floor of your living room. Your perfect consideration and precise escalation would make it worth and can add the aesthetic of your living room as well.

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