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Adorable Decorating with Blue and White

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Decorating With Blue and White

Decorating with Blue and White is a contemporary approach to color and image. The beauty of this color combination is that it invites you into realms of possibility while maintaining an elegant distance. When I look at pictures of kitchens, I always think to myself, “wow, this is an amazing space”. With this color combination, the room suddenly becomes very inviting. It adds a feeling of lightness to the space where there were once shadows and layers of heavy, dark colors.

There are so many things you can do with Blue and White. You can use this color combination in your bathroom if you have a blue tub or shower curtain. You could also use this color combination in your kitchen if you want a kitchen with a lighter background. You can add a pale lavender color to walls in your kitchen, or mix in pale greens and whites in your bathrooms. Use your imagination!

You don’t need to totally ditch your other colors if you are decorating your kitchen with Blue and White. Mix in other colors, but stay true to the main color that you chose. It can be a beautiful effect if you mix in deep purples with softer yellows. This will give your kitchen a softer edge.

Decorating with Blue and White can take you all the way to casual decorating! A kitchen is one of the last rooms that many of us decorate, so it’s important to find the right colors. You can bring in shades of white and blue that will really change the feel of the room. Using these two colors, you can create an interesting effect that brings a bright splash of color into an otherwise drab and dull kitchen. The kitchen really can be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary, when you use a combination of these two very different colors.

Decorating with Blue and White also gives you a ton of versatility. You can really change up this theme on a daily basis. If you go with the basic blue and white scheme, you can just roll it in with accessories and have a ton of fun. However, you can also flip this on and use a more vigorous approach to the color scheme. Using pale blue tablecloths and a pale lavender candle in a blue bowl can take your kitchen from average to extraordinary almost instantly. With a simple addition of these two key colors, you can quickly turn your kitchen from blah to awesome!

Decorating with Blue and White is fun and can really take your kitchen from average to extraordinary! If you are a little unsure about how to begin decorating with this theme, give it a try for a few weeks. It can be shocking to see how quickly this can change the mood of your kitchen. You don’t have to worry about it being tacky or an overdone look either; it is really a great way to bring life back into your kitchen.

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