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Creative Ideas White Rustic Bathroom Shelves That Will Make Your Bathroom Stunning

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Bathroom Decorating – Using Bathroom Shelves to Add a Rustic Touch

Bathroom shelving is an absolute must for your rustic-themed bathroom. Bathroom shelving can be purchased in a wide variety of styles and finishes and can be made from virtually any material. Wood, metal, wicker and wrought iron are common choices for the manufacture of bathroom shelves. In addition, you will find some very interesting and unique accessories such as glass, crystal and copper accessories for your new bath shelving display.

The most popular wood used for the manufacture of bathroom shelving is oak, though you will also find walnut, cherry, birch and maple. You can add other types of wood, but try to stay with solid wood if you can. Solid wood bathroom shelving is very durable and should hold up to a lot of use. It is important that the hardware that comes with your purchase matches the type of wood that it is made from. A good example would be if the wood on the shelf is walnut, then the hardware should also be walnut.

For a more primitive style of bathroom decorating, try using paint and stains to create a one of a kind look. You can paint your shelves with any color, and you will find many different textures and hues to choose from. You can even apply patterns or florals or even a couple of birds on top of your shelf. Whatever your desire is, you can find it with bathroom shelving.

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