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Ottoman As a Side Table: Adding Functionality And Convenience to Your Space

An ottoman as a side table is a versatile piece of furniture that adds functionality and convenience to any space. With its compact design, it can serve as a stylish surface for placing drinks, snacks, or books, while also providing extra seating or storage options.

It is an ideal choice for small living spaces where making the most of limited square footage is crucial. The ottoman’s soft, padded top offers comfort and can be easily converted into a cozy footrest. Its practicality, combined with its aesthetic appeal, makes it a valuable addition to any room.

Whether used in the living room, bedroom, or even as a makeshift home office, an ottoman serves as a multifunctional and space-saving solution.

Ottoman As a Side Table: Adding Functionality And Convenience to Your Space


Why Choose An Ottoman As A Side Table?

Ottoman As A Side Table: Adding Functionality And Convenience To Your Space

An ottoman, typically known for its use as a comfortable footrest or extra seating, can also serve as a versatile side table. With its multifunctional design and space-saving capabilities, opting for an ottoman as a side table is a smart choice for any living space.

Let’s explore why choosing an ottoman as a side table can add functionality and convenience to your home.

Multifunctional Piece Of Furniture

  • Versatility: An ottoman can serve multiple purposes, from a footrest to a side table, making it a valuable addition to any living area.
  • Extra storage: Many ottomans come with hidden storage compartments, providing a practical solution for stashing away items such as blankets, magazines, or remote controls.
  • Additional seating: In larger gatherings or impromptu get-togethers, an ottoman can easily transform into a makeshift seating option, accommodating extra guests.
  • Comfortable support: Resting drinks or snacks on a flat ottoman surface ensures stability and reduces the risk of spills, providing added convenience during movie nights or social gatherings.

Space-Saving Solution

  • Streamlined design: Ottomans are often compact and sleek, allowing them to fit seamlessly into various room layouts without overwhelming the space.
  • Avoid clutter: By replacing a traditional side table with an ottoman, you can eliminate the need for an extra piece of furniture, creating a cleaner and more organized living area.
  • Mobility: Ottomans are typically lightweight and easy to move around. This mobility allows you to rearrange your space effortlessly and adjust the positioning of the ottoman side table based on your needs.

Versatile Design Options

  • Style variety: Ottomans come in a wide range of styles, fabrics, and colors, giving you the freedom to choose a design that complements your existing furniture and decor.
  • Customizable finishes: Some ottomans can be customized with different finishes, such as wooden tops or patterned upholstery, allowing you to personalize the look to suit your aesthetic preferences.
  • Shape and size options: Whether you prefer a round, square, or rectangular ottoman, there are various shapes and sizes available to ensure your ottoman side table fits perfectly in your space.

By choosing an ottoman as a side table, you not only add functionality and convenience to your living area but also embrace a versatile piece of furniture that can serve multiple purposes. From its multifunctional design and space-saving benefits to the wide range of options available, an ottoman side table is a practical and stylish addition to any home.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Ottoman Side Table

When it comes to enhancing the functionality and convenience of your space, an ottoman side table can be a game-changer. The versatile nature of ottomans makes them an excellent choice for both small and large spaces, as they can serve as a surface for placing items, a footrest, or even additional seating.

If you’re considering adding an ottoman side table to your home, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect one:

Consider The Size And Shape Of Your Space

  • Assess the available space in your room and measure the dimensions to determine the ideal size for your ottoman side table.
  • Take into account the placement of other furniture to ensure that the ottoman complements the overall layout without overcrowding the area.
  • Consider the shape of the ottoman side table. Round ottomans work well in compact spaces, while rectangular or square ottomans can provide a more linear and structured look in larger rooms.

Determine The Desired Functionality

  • Think about the primary function you want your ottoman side table to serve. Do you need additional storage space? A place to rest your feet? Or simply a stylish surface for placing items?
  • If storage is essential, opt for an ottoman with a hidden compartment or a removable top that reveals ample storage space.
  • For those seeking a footrest, choose an ottoman side table with a cushioned top that offers comfort and support.

Match The Ottoman Style With Your Existing Decor

  • Consider the style and aesthetic of your room when selecting an ottoman side table. Whether your space has a modern, traditional, or eclectic vibe, choosing an ottoman that complements your existing decor will create a harmonious look.
  • Take note of the materials, colors, and patterns present in your room and select an ottoman side table that blends well with these elements.
  • Pay attention to the details of the ottoman, such as the legs or fabric upholstery, ensuring they align with the overall style of your space.

Remember, when choosing the perfect ottoman side table, it’s important to consider the size and shape of your space, determine the desired functionality, and match the ottoman style with your existing decor. By following these tips, you can find an ottoman side table that not only adds functionality to your space but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your room.

Ottoman Side Table Styles To Suit Any Space

Whether you want to add a touch of elegance to your living room or create a cozy reading nook in your bedroom, an ottoman side table can be the perfect addition to your space. These versatile pieces of furniture not only provide functionality but also add convenience and style to any room.

With a wide range of styles available, you can easily find an ottoman side table that suits your taste and complements your existing decor. In this section, we will explore the different styles of ottoman side tables to help you make the right choice for your space.

Traditional Ottoman Side Tables

Traditional ottoman side tables exude timeless charm and sophistication. They often feature ornate designs, intricate detailing, and classic materials like wooden frames and leather upholstery. Here are some key points about traditional ottoman side tables:

  • Classic and elegant: Traditional ottoman side tables add a touch of elegance and refinement to any room.
  • Luxurious materials: From rich leather to plush fabrics, traditional ottoman side tables are typically made from high-quality materials that exude luxury.
  • Ornate details: Intricate carvings, button tufting, and decorative legs are some of the hallmarks of traditional ottoman side tables.
  • Versatile storage options: Many traditional ottoman side tables come with hidden compartments or shelves, providing additional storage space for your belongings.
  • Time-tested appeal: The timeless design of traditional ottoman side tables ensures that they will never go out of style.

Modern Ottoman Side Tables

For those who prefer a more contemporary aesthetic, modern ottoman side tables offer sleek lines and minimalist designs. These tables embody a clean and streamlined look that fits well in modern or scandinavian-inspired interiors. Consider the following key points about modern ottoman side tables:

  • Sleek and minimalistic: Clean lines and simple shapes are characteristic of modern ottoman side tables, creating a sleek and uncluttered appearance.
  • Diverse materials: While traditional ottoman side tables often feature wood and leather, modern designs embrace a variety of materials, including metal, acrylic, and fabric.
  • Innovative features: Many modern ottoman side tables come with integrated charging ports, wireless charging capabilities, or built-in bluetooth speakers for added convenience.
  • Space-saving solutions: Compact and multifunctional, modern ottoman side tables are designed with small living spaces in mind, offering extra storage or serving as a hidden seating option.
  • Contemporary flair: The modern design of these ottoman side tables adds a fresh and contemporary touch to any room.

Bohemian Ottoman Side Tables

If you crave a more eclectic and laid-back vibe, bohemian ottoman side tables are the perfect choice. These tables embrace natural textures, vibrant colors, and a mix of patterns and materials. Here are some key points about bohemian ottoman side tables:

  • Eclectic and whimsical: Bohemian ottoman side tables offer a playful and free-spirited aesthetic that can infuse your space with personality and character.
  • Natural materials: Rattan, bamboo, and reclaimed wood are often used for bohemian ottoman side tables, adding an organic and eco-friendly touch.
  • Colorful and patterned: Bohemian designs embrace bold and vibrant colors, as well as a mix of patterns, creating a visually stimulating and eye-catching piece of furniture.
  • Artistic details: Handcrafted embroidery, tassels, and fringe are common features in bohemian ottoman side tables, highlighting their artisanal and unique appeal.
  • Relaxed and inviting: The bohemian style promotes a laid-back atmosphere, making bohemian ottoman side tables perfect for creating a cozy and welcoming space.

With these different styles of ottoman side tables, you can easily find the perfect piece to enhance your space. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of traditional designs, the sleek minimalism of modern aesthetics, or the eclectic charm of bohemian styles, there is an ottoman side table out there that will suit your taste and elevate your interior decor.

Maximizing Functionality With Ottomans

Ottomans are a versatile piece of furniture that can add style, functionality, and convenience to any space. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, making them a great addition to any room. Whether you are looking to add storage space, extra seating, or a coffee table alternative, ottomans can do it all.

Let’s explore how you can maximize functionality with ottomans.

Using Ottomans As Storage Solutions:

  • Ottomans with hidden storage compartments can help you keep your space organized and clutter-free.
  • You can store magazines, books, remote controls, blankets, or any other items that need to be within reach but out of sight.
  • These storage ottomans serve a dual purpose – providing a place to sit or prop your feet while also offering a discreet storage solution.
  • Their compact size makes them perfect for small living spaces or apartments where storage can be a challenge.
  • Some ottomans even have removable trays on top, allowing you to use them as both storage and a surface for drinks or snacks.

Using Ottomans As Seating Or Footrests:

  • Ottomans can be an excellent alternative or addition to traditional seating options like sofas or armchairs.
  • They provide additional seating when you have guests or can serve as a comfortable spot to relax and unwind.
  • You can choose ottomans with upholstered tops for added comfort or opt for ones with tufted or patterned designs to complement your decor.
  • Ottomans can also double as footrests, allowing you to elevate your legs and enhance your relaxation experience.
  • Versatile and lightweight, ottomans can be easily moved around the room depending on your needs.

Using Ottomans As A Coffee Table:

  • Ottomans can serve as a stylish and functional alternative to traditional coffee tables.
  • They offer a soft and padded surface, creating a cozy atmosphere in your living room.
  • You can place a serving tray on top of the ottoman to hold drinks, snacks, or decor items.
  • The absence of sharp corners also makes ottomans a safer option, especially if you have young children or pets.
  • Ottomans with a lower height can be paired with a matching or contrasting tray, providing a stable surface for your coffee cups or magazines.

If you are looking to add functionality and convenience to your space, consider incorporating ottomans into your decor. From storage solutions to seating or footrests, and even as coffee tables, ottomans can transform any room into a more comfortable and efficient space.

Get creative with your choices and express your personal style while enhancing the functionality of your home.

Ideas For Styling Your Ottoman Side Table

An ottoman side table is not just a functional piece of furniture but also an opportunity to enhance the overall aesthetics of your space. With a few creative styling ideas, you can transform your ottoman side table into a stylish and versatile addition to your home decor.

Here are some suggestions to help you make the most of your ottoman side table:

Adding Decor And Accessories

  • Greenery and flowers: Add a touch of freshness to your ottoman side table by placing potted plants or vases with freshly cut flowers. This will bring life and color to the space.
  • Art pieces and sculptures: Showcase your love for art by displaying small sculptures or art pieces on your ottoman side table. This will add an artistic touch and create an interesting focal point.
  • Books and magazines: Create a cozy reading nook by stacking a few of your favorite books or magazines on the ottoman side table. This not only adds visual appeal but also encourages you to take a moment to relax and read.
  • Candles and candle holders: Create a warm and inviting ambiance by placing scented candles or elegant candle holders on your ottoman side table. This will add a cozy and relaxing atmosphere to the space.
  • Decorative trays and bowls: Use decorative trays and bowls to corral small items like keys, coasters, or remotes. This not only keeps your ottoman side table organized but also adds a stylish element to the overall setup.

Incorporating Trays For Added Functionality

  • Serving drinks and snacks: Place a tray on your ottoman side table to turn it into a convenient serving station. This allows you to enjoy drinks and snacks while lounging without the need for a separate coffee table.
  • Organizing essentials: Use a tray to keep essentials within reach. Store items like remote controls, phone chargers, or reading glasses in a designated tray on your ottoman side table for easy access and clutter-free living.
  • Workspace extension: If you need a small workspace in your living room, use a tray as a portable desk on your ottoman side table. This allows you to work comfortably from the comfort of your sofa or chair.
  • Displaying collections: If you have a collection of small items or trinkets, use a tray to showcase them on your ottoman side table. This creates a curated display and adds personal charm to the space.

Coordinating Textiles And Patterns

  • Matching colors: Coordinate the colors of your ottoman side table with other elements in the room, such as curtains, rugs, or throw pillows. This creates a cohesive and harmonious look, tying the space together.
  • Mixing patterns: Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns on your ottoman side table. Experiment with different textures, prints, and designs to add visual interest and depth to the overall decor.
  • Layering textiles: Place a decorative runner or cloth on your ottoman side table to add an extra layer of texture. This can be a patterned scarf, a crochet doily, or a woven placemat. It not only protects the surface but also adds a touch of softness and warmth.

Remember, styling your ottoman side table is all about expressing your personal style and creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. Get creative, experiment with different ideas, and have fun with the process. Your ottoman side table can truly become a statement piece that adds functionality and convenience to your home decor.

Diy Ottoman Side Table Projects

Turning An Old Ottoman Into A Side Table

Have you ever considered repurposing your old ottoman? With a little creativity and some diy skills, you can transform it into a functional side table that adds a touch of uniqueness to your space. Here are some key points to keep in mind when turning an old ottoman into a side table:

  • Determine the desired height: Measure the height of your existing furniture to ensure that the ottoman side table aligns perfectly with it. This will create a cohesive look in your space.
  • Remove the cushion: Start by removing the cushion from your ottoman. This will allow you to work with just the ottoman base, giving you more flexibility in designing your side table.
  • Sand and paint: Sand the ottoman base to create a smooth surface for painting. Choose a paint color that complements your existing decor and apply it evenly. You can also opt for a distressed or weathered look if that matches your style.
  • Add a tabletop: To transform the ottoman into a side table, you will need to add a sturdy tabletop. You can use materials like wood, glass, or even a tray. Ensure that the tabletop is securely attached to the ottoman base for stability.
  • Customize with accessories: Personalize your ottoman side table with accessories that reflect your style. Decorative items like candles, books, or small plants can be placed on the table to add interest and functionality.

Creating A Custom Ottoman Side Table From Scratch

If you’re feeling extra creative and up for a diy challenge, consider creating a custom ottoman side table from scratch. Here are some key points to guide you through the process:

  • Gather the necessary materials: To build an ottoman side table from scratch, you’ll need wood, screws, nails, a saw, measuring tape, and a drill. It’s important to gather all the materials before you begin to ensure a smooth workflow.
  • Design the side table: Determine the dimensions and style of your ottoman side table. Consider the space available and your desired aesthetic. Sketch out your design or create a digital mock-up to guide your construction.
  • Cut and assemble the frame: Use your saw to cut the wood pieces according to your design. Assemble the frame using screws and nails, making sure it’s sturdy and level. Measure and mark where the legs will be attached.
  • Add legs and a tabletop: Attach the legs to your ottoman side table frame, ensuring they are securely fastened. Then, add a tabletop of your choice. You can use a single piece of wood, a glass panel, or even repurpose an old door for a unique look.
  • Sand and finish: Take the time to sand down any rough edges and smooth the surface of your ottoman side table. Apply a finish or stain that matches your desired aesthetic, and let it dry completely before placing it in your space.

Updating The Look Of A Plain Ottoman Side Table

If you already have a plain ottoman side table but want to give it a fresh new look, there are several ways to do so. Here are some key points to consider when updating the look of a plain ottoman side table:

  • Reupholster the cushion: If your ottoman has a cushioned top, consider reupholstering it with a fabric that complements your space. Choose a durable and easy-to-clean material to ensure longevity.
  • Paint or stain the base: Transform the base of your ottoman side table by painting or staining it. Opt for a color that adds personality to your space or matches your existing furniture.
  • Apply decorative elements: Enhance the appearance of your ottoman side table with decorative elements such as trim, nailheads, or even stenciling. These details can add a touch of elegance and uniqueness.
  • Replace hardware: Switch out the existing hardware, such as drawer pulls or knobs, with new ones that better suit your style. Choose finishes that tie in with the overall aesthetic of your space.
  • Style with accessories: Once you’ve updated the look of your ottoman side table, style it with accessories that enhance its functionality and visual appeal. Add a decorative tray, stack books, or display a vase of fresh flowers to make it a focal point in your space.

Remember, repurposing an old ottoman, creating a custom ottoman side table, or updating the look of a plain ottoman side table can inject functionality and convenience into any space. Let your creativity shine as you transform this versatile piece of furniture into a statement piece.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Ottoman As A Side Table: Adding Functionality And Convenience To Your Space

Can An Ottoman Be Used As A Side Table?

Yes, ottomans can be used as side tables, providing a functional and convenient surface for books, drinks, or decorations.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Ottoman As A Side Table?

Using an ottoman as a side table offers versatility, as it can serve as extra seating or a footrest when not used for surface space.

What Materials Are Ottoman Side Tables Available In?

Ottoman side tables come in various materials like wood, metal, leather, and fabric, allowing you to choose one that matches your decor and style.

How Does An Ottoman Side Table Enhance The Aesthetics Of A Space?

An ottoman side table adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room, elevating its overall visual appeal and creating a stylish ambiance.

Are Ottoman Side Tables Suitable For Small Spaces?

Yes, ottoman side tables are perfect for small spaces. Their compact design makes them ideal for apartments, condos, or rooms with limited square footage.

Can Ottoman Side Tables Provide Additional Storage?

Some ottoman side tables come with hidden storage compartments, offering a clever solution to keep your space neat and organized.

How Do I Choose The Right Ottoman Side Table For My Space?

Consider factors such as size, style, durability, and functionality when selecting an ottoman side table that best fits your space and personal preference.


To sum up, utilizing an ottoman as a side table is a brilliant way to enhance the functionality and convenience of your space. Not only does it offer a flat surface for placing various items like books, remotes, or drinks, but it also serves as additional seating when needed.

With its versatility and adaptability, the ottoman side table proves to be a savvy investment for any home or office. Its compact size and lightweight nature allow for easy mobility and placement in different areas of the room. Furthermore, the stylish designs and upholstery options available make it easy to find an ottoman that perfectly complements your existing decor.

By incorporating an ottoman as a side table, you can effortlessly enhance the aesthetics and practicality of your space, creating a more inviting and organized atmosphere.

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